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RSS, BJP ideology threat to secularism: Sonia


Karimnagar: Congress president Sonia Gandhi Wednesday said the ideology of the RSS and the BJP was a threat to India’s secular ideals and cautioned people against communal forces.

Addressing an election meeting in this Telangana town, she said Mahatma Gandhi and freedom fighters believed in secularism and leaders like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi died while living up to those principles.

“Today the same secular ideals are under threat because of the ideology of RSS and BJP,” she said.

The Congress chief said her party never discriminated people on the basis of religion and language and always tried to unite people.

But the BJP and groups affiliated to it were indulging in communalism and doing politics of hatred.

Sonia Gandhi targeted the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) for embracing communal forces.

“In the coming months, more parties for their lust for power may join hands with the BJP,” she said. She said people should be cautious of such parties and should not be misled by them.

She said the UPA government during the last 10 years strived to develop all sections of society by implementing revolutionary schemes and programmes.

“We took care of the needs of every citizen and we will continue this,” she added.