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Rs 8.7 lakh for Naidu’s stay: AP smells a scam


Bengaluru : A fuming Andhra Pradesh has bluntly told Karnataka that their Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu did not spend Rs 8.7 lakh for a less than 24 hours stay when he had come to Bengaluru for the swearing-in ceremony of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

AP has now asked Karnataka to send all the bills with break-ups. AP has also thrown broad hints that someone down the line in Karnataka seems to have made some fast buck in the name of top leaders.

Andhra Pradesh has also said it doubts the veracity of bills raised in the name of Naidu. Many smell a scam.

Andhra Pradesh Special Chief Secretary has requested the Karnataka government to look into the bills once more as Naidu “’could not have spent so much since he spent just a few hours in the hotel”.

The bills in the name of Naidu ran up over Rs 8 lakh for just a few hours.

AP has admitted that a presidential suite was booked for the CM and a couple of rooms for the many ministers and leaders from neighbouring areas who had come to meet him. But it would never reach anywhere near Rs 8 lakh.

AP now smells a scam. A top bureaucrat was quoted as saying: “He (Naidu) stayed only for a few hours. How could he have spent close to Rs 9 lakh. We do not want it to become an issue between the two states. It appears to be some kind of scam played by Karnataka officials. We want it to be probed.”

But it is doubtful if Karnataka government will order an enquiry because it may embarrass either Naidu or Kumaraswamy himself as he will have to answer who pilfered the money.

CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury too was shocked looking at at the bills in his name which read Rs 64,000. “It is wrong to claim that my accommodation had cost Rs 64,000. I did not avail of any other facilities except accommodation at the hotel,” he said.

The protocol wing of the DPAR (Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms) has asked for the file containing all the hotel bills.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Mayawati, Asaduddin Owaisi and Ashok Gehlot have remained silent not wanting to embarrass HDK.

Mayawati was reportedly put up in a suite costing Rs 1,04,550; Kamal Hassan”s room in Taj West End costed Karnataka government Rs 40,000 per night while it paid Rs 25,000 per night for Kejriwal. Most of the others were put up in rooms costing Rs 15,000 per night.

The rooms for all dignitaries were booked by JD(S) but the bills (barring alcohol and laundry) were sent to the Karnataka government for payment.

It may be recalled that Karnataka Government had to settle a whopping hotel bill of over Rs 47 lakh for stays of leaders that lasted just under 24 hour.


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