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Rajnath sore with channels over poor Bahrain coverage


New Delhi : Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is sore that the private Indian TV channels gave hardly any coverage to his 3-day visit to Bahrain despite a major diplomatic breakthrough of the gulf country, a member of the Organisation of Islam Cooperation (OIC), coming out in support of India on Kashmir.

 Pakistan is also a member of the OIC and Bahrain has always supported it on Kashmir and other issues and as such Singh felt his efforts fructifying in a major success should did not get the kind of coverage he expected from the TV channels.

On return from the visit on Wednesday, he pulled up some senior officials of his ministry”s publicity wing for not conveying to the TV channels importance of his achievement.

Inquiries show that the officials had tried to persude the private channels to telecast the Doordarshan recording, but they refused.

Only the TV crewe of the state-owned Doordarshan had gone to Bahrain with Singh.

Rajnath was under an impression that his bilateral meeting with the top leadership of Bahrain would hog prime time division, considering the time and the issue of the

Pakistan-sponsored terrorism getting positive response from the Bharain leaders.

He got good publicity in the print media and hence he wondered why not on TV.  In his meetings witht King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and other top leaders, Rajnath Singh told Bahrain that terrorism emanating from Pakistan remained India’s most important concern and support from across the border was behind the current unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.