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Rajnath Singh urges citizens to vow to promote Hindi across the globe


New Delhi : On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Home Minister Rajnath Singh appealed to the citizens of India to increasingly use Hindi for official purposes as well as in personal life, and urged all to vow to promote the country’s official language across the globe, reports ANI.

“On this occasion of Hindi diwas, let us vow to promote and support Hindi in mind, in word, and in deed, and take it to its respectable state and make our country proud,” Singh said, while addressing the citizens via a video message.

“Since Hindi is the official language, it is our constitutional liability to ensure that Hindi is used a primary language for official work,” said the Home minister, adding that this instruction should be complied with as much persistence as other official instructions are complied with.

He also said that we should not limit the usage to official, but also use Hindi in our personal lives too.

Rajnath Singh said that the identity of a strong nation is seen by how vast and enriching its language is, and that every language and dialect of India contributes to our national and cultural heritage.

“It is the duty of every citizen to protect the nation’s heritage,” he added.

Observing the role of Hindi as the country’s official language, Singh claimed that it was the only language that has played a major role in accomplishing unity in diversity.

“Hindi not only serves as the medium for expressing the prime elements of Indian culture, but is also a medium for strengthening the unity of the nation,” he said.

The Home Minister stressed on the greater usage of Hindi in its simplest form for official functions, and suggested that chiefs of education institutes ensure that Hindi is majorly used as a medium of instruction.