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Rahul Gandhi, in new avatar, corners trolls over economic question


Rahul Gandhi has found himself in yet another controversy, but the Gandhi scion came out of it quick. Rahul reportedly got into an argument with an economics teacher Prasenjit K Basu over the state of the economy in India. But the funny part was PK Basu, who asked the question, has authored the book “Asia Reborn”, and is a teacher of economic history. He asked a scathing question, “Why is it that, when your family ruled the country, India’s per capita income grew slower than the world average, but since your family relinquished the PM-ship, India’s per capita income has grown much substantially faster than the world average?”

Well, firstly the man got History wrong while talking about economics, and forgot that there were other Prime Ministers as well during that era. And the funny part is yet to come, Rahul Gandhi countered: “And what is your hypothesis?” Mr Basu replied tartly, “I asked you the question. I’m here to ask the question… My hypothesis is in my book. Please read the book.”

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How can someone give hypothesis from his own book? From PK Basu’s point of view, the question was right because he only wanted to corner Rahul Gandhi, which he thought he succeeded. For second everybody thought he succeeded in his mission and cornered Gandhi Scion. But witty Rahul replied back saying, “You’re giving a lot of power to one family.”

But later, another man hailed roles of Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress in framing the Constitution. This gave Gandhi Scion to put on his RaGa 2.0 version on, and answer the question, “You are both going to extremes. I mean give me something in the middle. I mean he (Basu) is saying I am the cause of every single problem. And you (second speaker) is saying I am the cause of every single solution. I mean, this is crazy.”

“This conversation shows you the polarisation. That gentleman (Basu) thinks that nothing has ever been done by the Congress party. This gentleman (second speaker) thinks that everything has been done by the Congress party. Let me tell you what the truth is. India’s success is huge because of India’s people. However, anybody in this room who thinks that the Congress is not part of that success… needs to write a new book.”

Well, Rahul Gandhi’s new avatar after becoming the President of Congress has changed. He is always up to answer his critics and take on Narendra Modi, even if it’s not about him. After taking over Congress party reins, Rahul Gandhi has to face many critics, and questions have raised on his leadership. Will he be able to lead Congress and UPA to victory in 2019 Lok Sabha elections? Well, let’s face the truth. No it’s not possible for Congress or UPA to win at least 2019 General Elections.

No matter how much Rahul Gandhi tries to be witty or makes himself to be the Centre of the solution to all problems of the country, still seeing the reality that BJP has won 20 states, and that to all thanks to Congress.

But, even in Singapore, Rahul Gandhi didn’t forget Narendra Modi. He replied, answering to P K Basu , “I am proud to sit in a room and have a gentleman say this to me. Mr. Narendra Modi would never do that. You would never have the ability to say what you said to me in front of Mr. Narendra Modi. I am absolutely brazenly proud of that.”

RaGa also tried to be a gentleman and again took a jibe at Narendra Modi, and invited to hug R K Basu, for being his critic. Well, no idea how successful R K Basu was in cornering the Gandhi Scion. But it’s very much clear that Rahul Gandhi has put on his armour and is ready for battle.