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Provide details of your property: HC to Rajpal Yadav


New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today asked Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to provide the valuation details of his properties in order to facilitate the process of discharging his liability of Rs 5 crore borrowed from a businessman who has filed a recovery suit against him and his wife.

A bench of Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Sunil Gaur also asked the actor to give duplicate papers of his properties so that the businessman too can find out the value of the properties as per the market value.

“Give us the valuation of your land in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The respondent (business) will also find out the value of the properties. You will also inform us whether any of the other shareholders in the properties will agree to hand over their share,” the judge said.

The bench further said an effort should be made in this regard and place before it the actual valuation by September 23, the next date of hearing.

The court gave the direction after the owner of a Delhi-based company, Murli Projects, sought jail for Yadav, saying unless the court takes action against the actor he will not pay the amount.

Senior advocate Dayan Krishnan, representing the company, said the situation is similar to that of Sahara chief Subrata Roy and Rajpal too should be sent to jail for not paying the borrowed amount.

“His (Yadav) undertaking proved to be false at every stage. He has only paid Rs 1.58 crore out of the principal amount of Rs 5 crore.

“On last date, he gives us the mode of payment through an undertaking but till date he has not fulfilled a single undertaking,” Krishnan said, arguing he should be sent to Tihar jail.

The court while refusing to do so said the businessman’s purpose will not be solved by sending the actor to jail, as no money can be recovered through that process.

“Like Subrata Roy, you want him to be sent to Tihar. You won’t be able to recover your money,” the judge said.