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President Ram Nath Kovind’s air-hostess daughter gets ground role at Air India due to security reasons


New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind’s daughter Swati, who was an air hostess with national carrier Air India, has been assigned ground duties because of security reasons, according to the airline’s spokesperson. Swati, who doesn’t use a surname, was a cabin crew on Air India’s long-haul Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 flights, but for nearly a month now she has been deputed with Air India’s integration department at the airline’s headquarters in New Delhi, the official said.

The department oversees human resource integration of erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India since their merger in 2007. ‘‘As a President’s daughter I don’t think she can fly as a crew with security personnel around. It is not possible to block so many passenger seats,” an airline source explained.

Kovind’s family members have always maintained a low-profile. Not many knew that his daughter Swati was an Air Hostess. She has served in this capacity on AI’s Boeing 777 & Boeing 787 aircraft, which operated in routes such as US, Europe and Australia. Even senior pilots of Boeing 777 & 787 came to know that Swati is the daughter of the President only after Kovind’s swearing-in.

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