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Poll mandate against offensive, negative politics: AAP


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New Delhi:  AAP today described its electoral win in Delhi as a “victory of honesty” and said the mandate was against “ignorant, offensive and negative politics”. Urging the supporters to maintain restraint, the AAP leaders said the party will not leave its “decency” and will not tease those who lost.

“It is the victory of honesty,” said AAP leader Manish Sisodia told reporters as results showed huge victory for the party. “No other party has got such respect in the history. It is a huge responsibility on us,” he told reporters. He said people were fed up with the earlier politics and wanted to give a chance to the clean and progressive politics.

“…I hope when the government is formed, there is a positive competition between the centre and the state government, there is healthy politics,” Sisodia added. Another leader Sanjay Singh, while dedicating the party’s success to its workers, said it was a mandate against “ignorant, offensive and negative politics”.

Asserting that “We will not leave our decency,” he told an exuberant crowd of supporters, “Even after our victory we have to remain humble and unified. We are not going to indulge in teasing or letting others down. We have led our campaign in a humble manner and will continue doing so.”

Striking a similar note, another leader Ashish Khetan, a key strategist behind the party’s dramatic turnaround, said the party will work on “every single point promised in its manifesto”. The leaders made the remarks amid loud cheers of “Duniya Dekh rai hai kya, Delhi jeet rahe hain hum”.