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PM Modi to do Yoga on Indian mattress on International Yoga day: What’s so special about it?


The preparations for the International Yoga day on June 21 are in final stages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and around 51,000 yoga enthusiasts will take part in this event in Lucknow. This time around one mattress has been created for PM Modi and PM has liked it immensely.

Last time around there was a big controversy regarding the yoga mattress, which was made in China. This time PM Modi has been extra careful and the mattress has been created with using Indian ingredients and it will be displayed on June 21.

PM Modi will also wear a T-shirt, while performing Yoga, which has been made especially for the Yoga event.

The mattress, which has been specifically made, has been sent by PM Modi to various ministers and senior officials. Because of lack of time, there hasn’t been enough mattresses made and that has put question marks on whether to use new mattresses or not.

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The price of an average mattress is around Rs 150, but on the insistence of PM Modi, the home-made mattress will cost around Rs 1,100. This time around no foreign-made mattresses will be used.

PM Modi will reach Lucknow on June 20 and will do yoga with UP CM Yogi Adityanath and his cabinet. PM Modi will reach Lucknow around 4’o clock on June 20. On June 20, PM Modi will also inaugurate many schemes. On June 21, PM Modi will do Yoga at Ramabai Ambedkar ground with 51,000 yoga enthusiasts.