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PM hails missile test, says Cong will ask for ‘proof’


Rudrapur: While hailing the successful test-firing of an interceptor missile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took pot shots at the Congress saying they will ask for proof of the test.

“You hear news about some country developing missiles with range of 5,000 km or 8,000 km. Last month, you must have heard the news of Pakistan developing a missile that can destroy the Andaman Islands.

“But let me tell you, India has no dearth of missiles. And today, our scientists have achieved a feat which has made the entire country proud,” Modi said, addressing an election rally here hours after India successfully test-fired its interceptor missile off the Odisha coast.

“The missile test fired today can intercept incoming missiles and destroy them 150 km into the sky. Only four or five countries so far have achieved this feat,” said Modi.

Referring to calls for proof of the Indian Army’s September 29 surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC), Modi ridiculed the Congress saying they might even demand proof of the missile test.

“I don’t know what new demand our opponents Congress will come out with. They will say give us proof that the missile went up to 150 km into the sky. They will ask for proof of the missile hitting the incoming missile,” said Modi, triggering laughter in the crowd.

“The surgical strike was a such a big achievement for the country. The enemy is still to come to grips and the whole world is raving about India’s might. But there are few leaders who questioned the surgical strikes, demanded its proof.

“Isn’t this an insult of our brave soldiers, an insult to the country’s achievements and self esteem,” added Modi.–IANS