New Delhi : Supreme Court lawyer and BJP leader Ajay Agrawal on Wednesday filed a complaint against former Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar at the Nizamuddin Police Station here, seeking to book him for continued anti-national activities under Section 121 and 124(A) of the Indian Penal Code for sedition and waging war against the government.

He even went to the extent of calling him an ISI agent, in view of his ‘anti-India tirade’ during his current visit to Pakistan. Agrawal wanted him arrested forthwith at the airport itself on return, to restrain him from adding fuel to fire.

He also sought immediate impounding of Aiyar’s passport and stoppage of his Pakistan travels forthwith for security reasons and in national interest.

Agrawal has already filed a complaint against Aiyar on December 25 for holding a ‘conspiracy’ meeting at his residence on December 6 with the Pakistan high commissioner and former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Kasoori that was also attended among others by former Vice-President Hamid Ansari and former PM Dr Manmohan Singh. A city court has sought an “action taken report” from Police on his complaint at the next hearing on April 7.

His new complaint is based on Aiyar stating in Pakistan that he gets “more love in Pakistan” and “a lot more hatred in India” and appreciating Pakistan for accepting “dialogue” as a policy to address issues with India as against India not accepting dialogue with Pakistan as a policy.

Agrawal said Aiyar had issued several other anti-national statement in the last two days. He said: “It is shocking when the Indian soldiers are dying in Pakistan Army-aided terrorist attacks, Aiyar is attending a literary festival and enjoying the feasts of the enemies who have killed thousands in Kashmir and other parts of the country.”

“There appears to be possibility that the whole game is being planned by the ISI and whether he (Aiyar) is on the pay roll of the ISI. This may be probed by our intelligence agencies after taking footage of his full speeches from our embassy in Pakistan,” Agrawal added.

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