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Pet themes of BJP designed to polarise voters: Chidambaram


P. Chidambaram

P. Chidambaram

Madurai: Assailing the inclusion of contentious issues like construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya in the BJP manifesto, Finance Minister P.Chidambaram today said it has been deliberately designed to polarise voters and “poison” their minds with a majoritarian approach that ignores those who do not vote for the party.

He said what was of concern  was that the issues, Ram temple, imposition of Uniform Civil code and abrogation of special status to Jammu and Kashmir, were controversial that would divide the country and  disrupt social harmony.

“They (BJP) don’t care for votes of all the sections of the People. Their agenda is to get the majority votes. It seems they have decided that they don’t require the votes of the minorities.

Their approach is majoritarian,” the senior Congress leader told a press conference here.

He said the BJP’s manifesto did not talk about the reservation policy. “They have not stated what is their stand on the reservation Policy, which had been accepted by all the political parties, and it is an important policy,” he said.

Chidambaram  accused the BJP of enacting a drama over the past more than 10 years by appearing to have kept these issues on the back burner.

“But now, it appears that by raising these poisonous thoughts the BJP wants to polarise the voters before elections. It seems to be keen on getting and consolidating their own vote bank and telling those who do not vote that we do not want your votes,” Chidambaram said.

The senior Congress leader said the consolidation of its vote bank reflects the BJP’s majoritarian approach. “I charge the BJP with deliberately attempt to polarise voters. I do not think they care for the people, who do not vote for them. They want to merely consolidate their vote bank.”