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People want viable alternative with policies to back up: CPM


Chandigarh: As efforts to forge a non-BJP, non-Congress front before the Lok Sabha polls gain momentum, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury today said people are looking for a viable alternative which has policies to provide them relief and not a one cobbled up just for ensuring majority.

“What we have been saying all along is that people are looking for relief. They want relief from burdens that are being imposed on them.

“They are disgusted in the manner in which public resources are being looted, they are fed up with rampant corruption. They are looking for an alternative…,” Yechury told PTI on the sidelines of a party function here.

“What we believe is people want that kind of alternative that will follow policies that will provide them relief. So, an alternative merely to cobble up majority is not what people want,” he asserted.

When asked if he saw emergence of AAP, which people of Delhi had voted as an alternative, as a threat to them, he said such an alternative which does not make its stand clear on crucial policies may
run only for some time.

“So far they (AAP) are not clear on policies. Okay, they are against corruption, which is our fight too,” he said, claiming the AAP does not have a clear stand on several issues including economic policies being followed in this country and on communalism.
On AAP accusing BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley of trying to topple the Kejriwal government in Delhi, Yechury said the party is in power in Delhi, with the state government having its own intelligence apparatus and they can probe the whole the issue.

Though BJP has dismissed the speculation on the emergence of a Third Front, Yechury said that coming together of various non-BJP, non-Congress outfits was going to have “very good impact”.

The AIADMK yesterday worked out an alliance with CPI(M) to fight the Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu.