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Parrikar tells kids about his ‘adult movie’ experience


Panaji : Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday shared at a Children’s Day function here his experience of watching an “adult movie” in his youth.

Parrikar was interacting with school students when one of them asked what kind of movies the former Defence Minister watched during his younger days. “We would not just watch movies, we have also watched adult movies of that era,” Parrikar replied. “You are seeing more things on TV now than what was shown on adult movies then.”

“There was a popular movie. I was an adult at that time. Me and my brother had gone to watch it. During interval, when the lights came on, I realised that my neighbour was sitting next to me. This neighbour used to chat with my mother every evening. I told myself, we are dead,” said Parrikar. The CM, who is known for peppering his speeches with anecdotes, said both he and his brother ran away from the hall, leaving the movie mid-way. But he came up with a plan to “pre-empt” the crisis.