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No respite from long queues outside ATMs


New Delhi : On the first day of the long three-day weekend holiday for banks, hundreds of people were present in long queues outside ATMs which were dispensing cash on Saturday, while most of the machines remained cash less, reports IANS.

 There was no respite in sight for cash-strapped people on Saturday as queues outside ATMs for money withdrawal continued across the city with rising anger and pain.

An IANS correspondent who went around the city found most of the ATM machines displaying the messages of “no cash” or the shutters of the kiosks housing them down.

Out of the 13 ATMs in Vikas Marg area of east Delhi, which this IANS correspondent visited, only one ATM of Vijaya Bank was found operating near Preet Vihar metro station. Mahesh Singh Dhillon, a resident of Gagan Vihar in east Delhi, told IANS: “I am standing here in the line for almost one hour. And still I am not sure if I would be able to get some cash.”

Expressing his anger, Dhillon said: “I have a family of six, and I am left with Rs 300, so if I don’t get cash today, then I would have to borrow some money from friends or relatives.”  Lalita Kaur, 60, complained that there were no arrangements made for senior citizens at the ATM


 “I am a senior citizen, but there is no preference given to us here.”  Frustrated over the cash crunch, Kaur said, “I don’t know what (Prime Minister Narendra) Modiji thought before taking this decision.”  Echoing similar views, Surinder Saxena, who is in his late 70s, said that he too was waiting in the line for the last one hour and was not sure if he would be lucky enough to get some  cash.

 Lamenting over the poor arrangements at the banks, Saxena said: “When we go to the bank, they hand us the tokens for another day. Are we supposed to go and stand in the bank queues every day at this age?”