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No place for a ‘dictator’ like Modi, says Mamata


Kolkata : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday vowed to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from politics, saying there was no place for dictators like him in a democracy. “I appeal to everybody, take a vow – either I will die or live, but remove Modi from politics. There is no place for dictators like you, Modi babu. This is a democratic country,” Banerjee told a huge rally here against the demonetisation move of November 8.

Raising slogans like “Tanashahi nahi chalegi”, the Trinamool Congress supremo demanded that Modi take back his “disastrous decision” of banning the old Rs 500 and 1,000 notes. “A decision has to be taken after proper planning, otherwise its impact is disastrous for people. Over 80 people have committed suicide because of your decision. There is no money in the bank or people’s pockets. Farmers, workers have no food. Hawkers and small shopkeepers are crying,” she said.  “Whole India is in a bad shape, Modi is sleeping and making big speeches. He is giving us lectures on ‘Mann ki Baat’ (radio programme).”

Launching a blistering attack on the Prime Minister, Banerjee likened him to 14th century Delhi Sultan Mohammed bin Tughlaq. “This is a Tughlaqi fiat. Even Hitler had not taken such a step.”

Banerjee said had she been in Modi’s chair, she would have not taken such a step. “And if I had made such a mistake, I would have taken my decision back.”  She alleged that every person protesting against the move was being threatened by central agencies. Even newspaper owners were not spared.

“You can only get some parties on your side, but not all. I would like to tell everybody that even if they manage to terrorise everyone, we won’t be cowed down. We will be there till the end.”

Ridiculing Modi for talking about a cashless economy, Banerjee said: “What will happen to the poor. A leader must speak the language of the people. Now a baseless and faceless person has become the country’s leader.

“Suddenly, Modi babu thought he has become the God of Gods. It seems you have to seek Modi’s permission even to walk on the streets or take food. How many people will Modi send to jail? It is not that easy. India is a land of 128 crore people,” she said.

Earlier, Banerjee led a huge rally in the city with film personalities, writers, musicians, sportspersons and eminent persons walking with her.  Middle-class housewives, youths, industrial workers and common people besudes professionals joined the rally as Banerjee herself raised slogans against Modi and his government.