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Nitish denies secret meet with Amit Shah


Nitish KumarUNI PHOTO-49U

Ptana : JDU president and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday strongly refuted the claim of a leading Hindi newspaper that he(Nitish) had a secret meeting with BJP president Amit Shah in a Gurugram farmhouse on November 1.

 Addressing a conference on prohibition day here,Nitish regretted the news report and said “I never met Amit Shah. It appears the newspaper invented the news and only the reporter who filed the story can confirm or deny. He must tell when and where I met Amit Shah. Did I meet Amit Shah at reporter’s farm house? said a furious chief minister.  Nitish said till now, social media had been circulating false and fabricated news, but now even leading dailies are spreading such reports.

Nitish defended his repeated statements on demonetisation and said prime minister Narendra Modi has taken the right decision which would have far-reaching implications in improving nation’s economy and lives of common man.He urged

PM to take strong action against those having benami property.”I have seen people having four to five houses, land plots.

There is a limit of assets creation.Lust for a property should be curbed and PM should hit on those  having “benami real estates”.  Nitish said the BJP was deliberately spreading rumors about JDU-BJP proximity, which was baseless. There is no question of having a tie-up with the BJP, he clarified.  In Patna, the income tax investigation unit officials searched the premises of four leading builders on Boring Road and found evidence of  investment by IAS and IPS officers post November 8. They found documents which confirmed apprehensions that the builders had entered into agreements with some top officers of Bihar by accepting Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes worth rs 3.42 crores on November 10.