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Modi’s first year in power a disaster for country: Yechuri


Sitaram Yechury

Mumbai: Dubbing the Narendra Modi Government’s performance in its first year as a “disaster”, CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury today said the NDA dispensation at the Centre will be better known for bypassing 0.parliamentary procedures. “We are seeing a very dangerous and disastrous trend emerging after the BJP came to power an year ago. We are confronting a three-faced problem of neo-liberal economic policies, bypassing of parliamentary procedures and the rise of communal forces,” Yechury said.

He was talking to reporters after addressing an ‘Adivasi’ rally here. Taking a dig at Modi who has visited 18 countries in a single year, Yechury said the sole record his government has set is of going on an unprecedented number of foreign trips, which is difficult to keep track of.

Questioning the BJP’s claim of achieving growth in different sectors, the CPI-M leader said, “Did inflation go down as promised? As a matter of fact, area of cultivated land in absolute terms has come down. Inspite of all this we have a PM who is more interested in dishonouring the opposition on foreign soil.”

Yechury said that the government has found a new way of bypassing Rajya Sabha where it is in a minority by declaring most of legislative measures as “money bills”. “Now, most bills that have a chance of being blocked by Rajya Sabha are being declared as money bills. If you don’t refer these bills to the Upper House and the Parliamentary Standing Committee, what work will the RS MPs will be left with?” he questioned.