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Modi’s brigade out to assess ban effect


NEW DELHI : A score of union ministers and senior bureaucrats of secretary and joint secretary level have been handpicked by Prime Minister Modi to go across the country for two days beginning Saturday to assess the impact of the demonetisation drive on different sections of the society.

He has asked them to submit their honest assessment of the people’s reactions through e-mail to a special cell set up in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to monitor implementation of the demolition and effect changes from time to time on the basis of the feedback.

The BJP sources said the PM decided to get back the people’s feedback from this brigade of ministers and officials after some of the BJP MPs expressed their grave concern to him from their constituencies that the people are anguished and angry for want of money while the currency crunch has hit the trading organisations and businessmen as they find it difficult to carry on their business without money after they were made to surrender all their legitimate money of scrapped Rs 1000 and 500 to the banks.

The senior ministers have been already roped in by the Prime Minister to invite the NDA MPs to their residence over dinner to explain to them how to defend the demonetisation and make them understand the purpose behind the radical move. Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are also trying to attend such dinners.

A senior minister, on condition of anonymity, said he excused himself from hosting any such dinner, telling the PM that he is not left with enough money to organise such a function after spending from the maximum Rs 24,000 that he can draw from the bank only once a week like any other citizen.

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