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Modi should apologise to anguished people: Congress


New Delhi : The Congress on Monday claimed lakhs of angry and anguished people protested across the country with its joint call with other opposition parties for a “Jan Akrosh Divas” (mass fury day) against the currency demonetisation hitting the entire nation.

Regretting that Prime Minister Modi was mocking at the harassed people of India instead of apologising for devastating India’s growth story, party chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala told a press conference that blinded by the arrogance of numbers (in Lok Sabha), he is unable to fathom the pain and anger of 125 crore over his single stroke wiping out their livelihood and creating a colossal sense of fear and insecurity.

More than 20,000 beating ‘thalis’ thronged a march organised by Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken in the evening from the Mandi House to Jantar Mantar. A group of angry men and women from a Muslim locality claimed this was a deliberate crackdown on their community as their religion prohibits earning interest and so they do not have bank accounts. “Where do we deposit out money without accounts when the government stops us from exchanging defunct notes with new currency,” one youth asked.

Surjewala released a list of rules and directives on demonetisation changed 105 times in the last 19 days to point out how the entire country has been put to ransom just because of the monetisation effected sans preparations whatsoever, creating more and more confusion through hourly changes in the decisions.

With the assertion that Modi had demonished not only the currency but also the economy, the jobs, trade and business, agriculture and rural sectors and essentially the people of India, he posed 10 question for the PM to reply.

He asked whether crores of people standing in lines outside banks and ATMs are either thieves or black money hoarders. Truth is that the Modi government has branded the entire nation as “criminals,” he said.

Surjewala also wanted to know why the ordinary Indians are not permitted to withdraw own hard-earned money from own bank accounts, asserting that no law permits such a dictate forced upon the people in violation of the constitution.