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Modi seeks opposition’s support in parliament


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday sought the opposition Congress’ support in parliament, saying that despite the government’s numbers there was nothing wrong in seeking support from the opposition.

“We have got the people’s support, but if we do not get your support it will be a waste. We want to take you along, and if needed, we would also seek your guidance,” Modi said in the Rajya Sabha, where former prime minister Manmohan Singh sat in the opposition benches.

“Last one year has seen enough of politics,” Modi said in context of the bitterness of the election campaign and the months leading to it. “Let us now work towards nation building,” he said.

“When we come to this house, let us leave the bitterness outside,” he added.

Modi was responding to the debate on motion of thanks to the president’s address after speaking for an hour in the Lok Sabha