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Maggie fails test, Delhi govt to act against Nestle


New Delhi: After samples of Maggie noodles in New Delhi were tested positive for containing lead beyond permissible limits, the Kejriwal government has said it would initiate a case against Nestle.

“Last week, a total of 13 samples of Maggi noodles were lifted and on test/analysis of the same it was found that in case of masala (tastemaker) part of the Maggi noodles, 10 masala samples were found unsafe having lead exceeding the prescribed limits. The prescribed maximum limit of lead is 2.5 ppm,” the government said in a statement.

Stating that “five samples of masala were also having monosodium glutamate without proper label declaration”, the government said, “This falls under the category of misbranding.”

Earlier on Tuesday, in a statement Nestle said the company regularly monitors all its raw material for lead, including testing by accredited laboratories which have consistently shown levels in Maggi noodles to be within permissible limits.

“The government has decided to initiate a case against the company for selling unsafe product and fine the company for misbranding of product,” it said. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said 10 in 13 samples of Maggi noodles sent for testing were found to have excess amount of lead.

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