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Latur fears drought


Only 3.5% of water stock left in Manjra dam

Aurangabad : The fear of drought has come to haunt Latur once again. The situation has reached a breaking point, with the municipal corporation now supplying water once every 10 days. Rainfall over Latur has been below normal this season.

Memories of the drought in 2016 are fresh. Residents are reliving the same nightmare all over again. As on June 30, Latur had received 200.93 millimetres (mm) of rain. But in July, there was a scant 81.17 mm of rainfall and in August, around115.01 mm. The prediction for this month is only 6.10 mm, casting a cloud of gloom over this area, in the rain-shadow region.

Now, residents have pinned their hopes on a parting gift from the rain gods, as the monsoon recedes. The municipal corporation was supplying water once in eight days but this frequency has now been reduced to once in 10 days. The entire district has received 50 per cent of rain, leaving the large dams of Manjra and Lower Terna woefully short. In the district’s large and medium dams, measurable capacity of water is down to 17 per cent. There are eight medium-sized dams. The Manjra dam supplies water to Kej, Dharul, Kalamb, Sheera Dhon, Murud, Latur municipal jurisdiction and Latur industrial zone.

The capacity of Manjra is 542.73 metres and currently, it has only 3.5 per cent of water supply for the entire year while the Terna’s water stock is at 16 per cent. Terna supplies water to Nilanga municipality.

Although it has rained in the last three months, it has not been sufficient to increase the water stock in these dams.