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Last-ditch battle for Delhi as fight turns ugly


Amit Shah_Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: The fight between the AAP and the BJP is turning ugly with the countdown starting for the winding of the poll campaign.

Allegations were flying thick and fast with the AAP leaders charging that liquor and money was in full play in the national capital: they see this as a last ditch bid by the BJP to sway and intimidate voters. The saffron party, of course, denies the charges.

The AAP camp is livid, unable to match the resources of the BJP, and the advise to the rank and file was to keep their wits in what is fast becoming a battle of nerves. A minor clash was reported between activists in the two camps last night and it is feared all hell will break loose after the election outcome is out.

The mood in the BJP was one of bluster with most opinion polls saying that the momentum is with the AAP. Both PM Modi and party president Amit Shah, realising that the battle is now being waged in the mind scape of the voter, have debunked the opinion polls as a ‘pack of lies.’ Keeping up the swagger under instructions from the top leadership, the BJP rank and file were bracing up for a marathon 70 rallies in the capital’s 70 assembly constituencies.

The BJP chief minister Kiran Bedi was also keeping up pretences: On Wednesday, she was in tears; on Thursday she was laughing her head off. Back to the wall, she was now warning of another impending Assembly election if the BJP does not get a decisive mandate.