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Kejriwal suffers from soar throat; takes break from campaigning


Arvind Kejriwal's Road ShowArvind Kejriwal's Road Show

New Delhi: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has taken a short break from his daily campaigning, owing to sore throat and cold weather. The former Delhi chief minister, who is fighting a survival battle for his political party, has been holding a minimum of two rallies everyday, and at times three across Delhi.

For the past few days, Kejriwal’s throat was giving a problem, but the former Delhi chief minister continued to address rallies. The muffler-clad AAP chief is known to have sore throat, especially during the winter.

Once his sore throat improves, Kejriwal will kickstart his rallies, party sources said. Cold weather too was turning out to be a major impediment in the jan sabhas. For instance, in a sabha that was conducted in Bawana and Narela last Sunday, those attending the rally not only had to battle cold weather, but also dense foggy conditions.

When the temperature dipped a few notches below normal last week, it also impacted the public turnout at some of his rallies.

“His (throat) was sore and he could barely speak. Plus, during the New Year’s time, even people and some of our volunteers were in a different mood. To add to it was the cold weather. So we decided to take 3-4 days break. He held the last two rallies on December 30, but should start addressing jansabhas from next week again.

“The positive side is he has almost completed one round of sabhas across almost all constituencies in Delhi,” an AAP leader said.