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Kejriwal stands exposed, must apologise: BJP


Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stood exposed before the country today and should tender a public apology for practising the opposite of what he preached, BJP has said, after a former AAP MLA claimed that the party chief used to spy on his own legislators. BJP also sought a public explanation from Kejriwal, who has been silent on the spate of sting exposes’ on him purportedly showing that he had tried to keep a tab on its own MLAs while misusing the name of BJP.

“Kejriwal used to talk of morality and honesty. He is practising just the opposite of what he preached to others. He should come clean on whatever is going on in his party and the allegations against him made through stings done by his own party men,” BJP National Secretary Shrikant Sharma said today. He said it is unfortunate that Kejriwal was misusing the names of BJP leaders and the stings by his own men have today uncovered the “veil” (naqaab) he was wearing so far.

“Today, Kejriwal stands exposed before the world. He was always keeping others in the dock, but today after a series of stings by his own men, he is himself in the dock,” he said. Sharma also accused the AAP leader of having “lust for power” and being an “opportunist”. “Kejriwal speaks a lot about exposing wrongdoings of others, but his own people have done an expose on him. Their own people have unveiled his ‘naqab’ (veil). Kejriwal should clarify on the charges levelled by his own people in the sting. Why is he silent?” he asked.

Sharma said the AAP leader preached a lot of idealism and transparency but as per the charges made by their own people, the same stand exposed and the party emerged no different and was like any other political outfit like BSP, SP, RJD, AIADMK and DMK that was run by individuals. Former AAP MLA Rajesh Garg, whom the party had recently suspended, today alleged that calls with the “consent” of Kejriwal were made to him and several other leaders offering them crores to support BJP.

Garg claimed that police had arrested a person on his complaint of receiving fake calls from Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s office offering him Rs 10 crore, who was later released on AAP’s intervention.

Garg further claimed that all calls during that period were made with party chief Kejriwal’s “consent from private and unknown numbers”.