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Kejriwal lashes out at Congress and BJP for rampant corruption


Lucknow: Aam Aadmi party chief Arvind Kejriwal, lashed out at the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party for the prevalent corruption in Delhi and said that his 49-day rule was better than the 65 years of governance by both the leading parties.

Kejriwal conducted a road show in the Delhi on Thursday and was followed by large numbers of supporters and workers as he moved through the streets of the city.

He claimed that during his rule in Delhi, police officials had stopped harassing auto-rickshaw drivers and corruption had dropped noticeably.

Hitting at Congress and BJP, Kejriwal urged the voters to exercise their franchise in AAP’s favour.

“When I was the chief of Delhi, corruption saw a huge drop. The things BJP and Congress could not do in 65 years, I did in 49 days. I had arranged for you till 31st March, has reduced the prices of water and electricity but I had to resign. As soon as I resigned, the shameless BJP and Congress raised the prices yet again,” said Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, popular actor-dancer and AAP leader, Javed Jaffrey also conducted his road show in his constituency Lucknow.

Jaffrey, who has been fielded against Bharatiya Janata Party’s Chief Rajnath Singh, his not being from Lucknow is no deterrent for him as Indian problems and issues are same in every state.

“From where have I landed by the parachute? I have landed in India itself. It is my land, my country not anybody’s father’s territory. Wherever I am landing, I am an Indian and I am landing in India. So I do not understand the meaning of parachute. The issues of people in India are common, be it anywhere. We are against corruption, communalism and we have to fight against these issues, be it from Bihar or Assam or anywhere. The only thing is I should know the language and mannerisms of the place, which I know,” said Jaffrey.

Jaffrey has no connection with the city but as per analysts, his being a Muslim might help AAP bag Muslim votes in the constituency.