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ISIS warns of attack on India, Taj Mahal on the hit list


ISIS has warned of attacks in India and has also published a graphic showing Taj Mahal to be a possible target. The graphic was posted on March 14th by Ahwaal Ummat Media Center was posted on the app Telegram.

The graphic shows a fighter holding a rocket propelled grenade also there is a van that is approaching Taj Mahal and a new target symbol on India’s most famous heritage site Taj Mahal. There have been plenty of reports of ISIS setting up a recruitment base in India.

In the previous week there was a combing operation which was carried out in Lucknow, Saifullah was killed during the operation. The graphics are released within a week of that operation. However, this is not the first time that ISIS has issued a warning of attack on India. Just a day after Saifullah was killed ISIS had conveyed their message of revenge on social media; Saifullah was called a “soldier of the Khilafah from India”on their social media channel.

Indian security officials have said they are yet to procure proof that Saifullah was directly linked to the IS. According to security agencies, some 75 Indians have so far joined IS. This includes 45 who went from India, mostly from Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka. Security agencies have stepped up efforts to prevent the radicalisation and recruitment of youngsters via the internet and communication apps, which are extensively used by the IS.