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Indian Army carried leopard urine and faeces with them during surgical strike, read to know why



Indian Army performed surgical strike in Pakistan and it was lauded by many Indians, however the opposition parties doubted the surgical strike. But all rumours came to rest, and now former Nagrota Corps commander Lt Gen Rajendra Nimborkar revealed why Indian troops carried leopard’s urine and faeces. According to Nimborkar, the stench of leopard’s urine helped to put dogs away and cleared the path for them to carry out the operation successfully.

Nimborkar came to Pune as he was awarded by the Pune-based Thorle Bajirao Peshwe Pratishthan for his contribution to the strikes.

“While in the sector, we had experienced that leopards often attack dogs in the areas. To save themselves from the attack, dogs prefer to stay in the locality during night.”

“While devising the operational strategy, we were aware about possible dogs barking and attacking while crossing villages on the route. To counter it, our troops carried leopards’ urine and faeces. They used to spray it outside the village. This worked well and the dogs left them alone,” Nimborkar was quoted as saying by The Leading Daily.

Last year Indian Army launched surgical strike against terror groups across the Line of Control.