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‘Gujarat coast ‘highly sensitive’; security needs revamp


New Delhi: Terming the Gujarat coast as “highly sensitive”, a Parliamentary panel has recommended tothe Union Home Ministry to fill up infrastructural and logistical gaps to tighten coastal security in the state as it is facing a hostile atmosphere.

The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has said the Gujarat coast is highly sensitive due to its close proximity to a very vulnerable part of International Maritime Border Line.

The panel said in its report that it was in agreement with the state government that it needs more funds and infrastructure to improve and strengthen coastal security preparedness.

“The Committee recommends that under Coastal Security Scheme (Phase-II), all the infrastructural and logistical gaps in the coastal security apparatus of the state should be filled in view of its vulnerability due to hostile atmosphere in the coastal area of Gujarat,” the report, tabled in Lok Sabha today, said.

The panel said it felt the issues raised by the state government regarding non-availability of inputs on national security matters and regulation of benami investment are worth noting and deserve attention.

“The Committee feels that if the Ministry of Shipping is not the relevant agency, then the concerned agency – be it Ministry of Home Affairs or any other agency – should provide necessary inputs to the state government. MHA may look into this matter,” it said.