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Govt not dealing with Naxalism with seriousness: SP lawmaker


New Delhi: A member today raised concerns over government not taking the problem of Naxalism seriously and feared it will create a very difficult situation for the country if reports of Pakistan’s ISI getting in touch with Naxals are true.

“Government is not serious about Naxalism. Our country is still not taking the issue seriously,” Naresh Agrawal (SP) said raising the issue in the Rajya Sabha during the Zero Hour while calling for tackling the issue at the national level.

Citing reports that Pakistan’s ISI was in contact with Naxals, he said “it will be very difficult for this country”.

Agrawal wondered what was the reason why Naxalism existed only in jungle areas and where mining is carried out.

“Naxalism is existing in such areas where there are jungles and mining. That means it has a relation to their work,” he said.

The SP member also cited reports where paramilitary forces have suffered at the hands of Naxals and so have political leaders and demanded that government addresses the issue seriously.

In another mention, Arvind Kumar Singh (SP) raised the issue of mismanagement at Allahabad University by the Vice Chancellor and 40 per cent of the posts were lying vacant and fresh recruitments stalled. He added teachers and employees were not being given their due promotions.

He demanded that strict instructions be given to the Vice Chancellor to rectify the errors and restore the prestine glory of the Varsity which was once considered as the Oxfrd of the East.

Singh said teachers, employees and students were all up in arms against the Varsity management and highlighted that the quota in admissions for wards of teachers and employees was also abolished leaving them in hardship.