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Do you sleep with other men? Delhi immigration poser


New Delhi : The Home Ministry on Friday suspended an immigration officer at the Delhi airport after a female passenger complained that he allegedly asked her whether she slept and “partied” with other men when she was not with her husband. He even had the temerity to ask the passenger, a mother of two, whether she drinks, and “will you be the mother of my third child.”

The lady was sexually harassed when she was flying to Hong Kong via Delhi on March 18. The incident took place when she was at the immigration counter.

As the lady was travelling alone, she was too shocked to react to the situation or even register a complaint. But she lodged an oral complaint on her return from Hong Kong on March 23 at the airport along with her husband and son. In return, they received an apology and the officer continued at his post. Later, her father-in-law made an online complaint to the government’s Bureau of Immigration, which is under the home ministry.

The questions asked ranged from the very private and unpleasant to obnoxious. Sample this: “Do you sleep with another man when your husband is away at work? Would you like to have your third child with me because my wife doesn’t want to have one?”

Not once or twice, but he asked her four times if she had undergone a surgery for birth control. “Have you had birth control surgery? …Why are you going alone to Hong Kong? To have fun with your husband or with somebody else? Will you have fun with me?”

“What was more disgusting and uncomfortable was that the official followed me along the escalator, between domestic and international transfer,” she claimed. ‘‘When I took out my phone and started talking to a friend, he instantly left,” she said.


Here is a list of questions allegedly hurled at the hapless international passenger

  • How many children do you have?
  • Where have you left them? You young girls have children and then don’t take care and  leave them with parents and do ‘majja ‘ with men.
  • Do you drink, do you smoke, do you eat chicken; do you have fun with men when your husband is not there?
  • Have you had surgery for birth control? (This was asked 4 times)
  • Do you sleep with other men when your husband is at work?
  • Would you like to have the third child with me because my wife doesn’t want to have one?
  • Why are you going alone to Hong Kong, to have fun with your husband, or anyone else? Will you have fun with me?
  • Are you staying with anyone else in Hong Kong?
  • Give me your personal number, which I could call you when your husband isn’t at home.

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