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Dimple’s assets worth Rs 7.92 crore


Kannauj: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s wife and local MP Dimple Yadav has total assets worth Rs 7.92 crore while her husband has assets of over Rs 16 crore.

In her affidavit filed along with her nomination papers today, Dimple declared assets worth Rs 7,92,64,883 while husband Akhilesh has assets worth of Rs 16,27,12,495.

She has Rs 1.76 lakh cash in hand, Rs 4,69,528 deposited in different banks while Akhilesh has Rs 22,64,500 deposited in banks.

Dimple has Fixed deposits of Rs 40,27,557 in banks, while Akhilesh has Rs 70,55,784 lakh as term deposits, it said.

As per the affidavit, Dimple neither have any car nor mobile, Akhilesh has a Pajero worth Rs 20.16 lakh and mobiles worth Rs 76,015, furniture worth Rs 17,085 and music system worth Rs 22 thousand.

As far as jewellery is concerned while Dimple has ornaments worth Rs 5,97,600 while husband Akhilesh did not possess any jewellery.     Dimple has immovable assets of over Rs 6.84 crore, while Akhilesh has immovable assets worth over Rs 14.88 crore.

Dimple has shares worth Rs 1.42 lakh and loan of over Rs 47.64 lakhs while Akhilesh has shares worth over 21.62 lakh and loans of over Rs 51.52 lakh.

While the local MP has filed income tax return of over Rs 24 lakh while Akhilesh has filed income tax return of over Rs 37 lakhs.