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Dhingra took favours from govt: Congress


New Delhi : The inquiry into controversial land deals in Haryana including those of Robert Vadra has become vitiated because Justice S.N. Dhingra who headed it took ‘favours’ from the state government, the Congress said on Thursday.

“We are open to independent probe which does not emanate on account of a revengeful pre-meditated agenda and political vendetta. But the facts that are placed before you itself establish it and more than that media reports today exposed Justice S.N. Dhingra Commission itself,” Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said.

“Justice Dhingra has sought favours from Haryana government making him incompetent and unsuitable to deliver any verdict or report in the matter,” he said.

Since Justice Dhingra has ‘compromised his position’ it is best that he either recuse himself from the inquiry, which was set up in May last year, or BJP government disband the panel and constitute a fair probe, Surjewala said.

After becoming head of Gopal Singh Charitable Trust in December 2015, Justice Dhingra moved an application to Deputy Commissioner Gurgaon asking for a road to be built connecting a school he was getting constructed, the Congress spokesperson said.

“Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon, where Dhingra Commission is headquartered, worked with great urgency and said that roads had to be constructed out of district planning funds within a week, when they realised it can’t be done,” said Surjewala.

“Then the Haryana Rural Development Fund (HRDF) board headed by Chief Minister (Manohar Lal Khattar) proceeds to sanction Rs 97 lakh out of which road is being constructed,” he added. Why should land in Gurgaon be gifted to a trust, even if charitable, headed by Justice Dhingra, Surjewala asked.