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Delhi Police submits report to court against raid conducted by Somnath Bharti


New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Saturday submitted report to the court against the raid conducted by Delhi Law Minster Somnath Bharti involving Ugandan women, and claimed that they had a witness who was also a victim, and could identify the molesters.

“Today the Deputy Commissioner of Police has filed a report to the court and the complainant has already been examined under section 164,” said lawyer Rakesh Sherawat.

“Our submission is, that the complainant is a witness in the case and the Victim has claimed that she can identify the molesters,” he said.

“The Court has asked us to file our allegations in written, and has adjourned the court till 28th,” he added.

The report has been filed over the controversial midnight raid led by Bharti, in which four Ugandan women were allegedly mistreated.

Bharti had alleged that the Ugandan nationals were part of a drug and prostitution racket and asked the police to raid the place and arrest them. However, police refused to comply with his demand.

Yesterday the Supreme Court issued notice to Central Government and Delhi Government on Kejriwal’s recent protest and has asked for reply in next six weeks.

The notice was issued during a hearing of Public Interest Litigation (PIL), which was filed by lawyer, M.L. Sharma, against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) over their protest outside the Railway Ministry, which amounted to a breakdown of the constitutional machinery.