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Delhi govt bans obscene adds on public transport vehicles


New Delhi: Delhi government today banned display of sexual or controversial texts, nude or semi-nude images as well as advertisements of alcohol and tobacco products on public transport vehicles.

Coming out with a detailed set of guidelines on display of advertisement on vehicles used by public, like auto-rickshaws and buses, the Transport department also banned the usage of obscene and distasteful language or texts having racist overtones.

As per the order, public transport vehicles not having GPS will not be allowed to display any kind of advertisements. All the major auto-rickshaw unions have been resisting government move for mandatory installation of GPS in auto-rickshaws.

According to the guidelines, school buses and other buses used to ferry school children will have to “obtain prior clearance from the school principals for displaying any advertisement.”

Advertisements on school buses on social or community themes shall be encouraged, the order says.

Advertisement which contains political, ethnic, religious or sectarian text, use of firearms and weapons, violence to anyone, provoking anti-social behaviour, lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries and slot machines related advertisements and cruelty to animals are also in the prohibited list.

Further, the advertisement should not contain excessive written material or any psychedelic, laser or moving displays shall not be used as they cause distraction to other drivers.