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New Delhi : Continuing the tirade against Prime Minister Modi on 22 years of the BJP’s misrule in Gujarat, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday posed eighth question on the health issue.

“39% children are victims of malnutrition while 33 of every 1000 new born are dying even while cost of the medical treatment has skyrocketed and there is acute shortage of doctors,” Rahul said in his latest tweet.

“Why the government hospital in Bhuj given to a “friend” for 99 years? Is it the magic of your health management,” he asked Modi.

In a separate tweet, Rahul also talked of a new dawn in Gujarat with end of the darkness of the misrule in the upcoming elections.

He played up one of the Congress poll posters, promising “right price of crops, supply of power, relief from debts and justice in every village – farmers will get back their rights.”

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