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Constitution must recognise animals as emotional beings: Activists


New Delhi: A two-week campaign to involve people in a dialogue on animal rights concluded here on Friday with animal activists demanding that the constitution recognise all animals as emotional beings.

‘Demand Justice for Animals’ campaign by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) — having over 60 members and over 200 supporter organizations across India — commenced on July 3 across 20 cities in India and culminated at the Jantar Mantar here.

“Hens are made to live in cramped conditions, cows survive in industrialised systems, while animals are made to learn and perform unnatural tricks with methods that are nothing short of barbaric – a common minimum sensitivity towards all animals is long overdue,” said FIAPO campaign coordinator Priyanka Singh.

Arguing that animals too experience happiness, fear, anger and physical pain like humans, FIAPO said an ever-increasing number of countries are now recognising animals as sentient beings.

“All animals deserve the right to live without fear, to express free will and to live in a natural environment without the threat of captivity, exploitation or cruelty by human beings,” Singh said.

The animal rights group further said 76 animals have been rescued from circuses around the country courtesy a campaign to end suffering of animals in circuses.

“The idea has really been to invite the public to participate in a dialogue about animal rights, demanding sentience for all living beings – with over 34 events in 20 cities, we’ve been immensely successful,” said FIAPO’s external relations director Arpan Sharma.