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Congress counter-offensive against Modi


Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In an unusual show of aggression, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has directly pointed an accusing finger at prime minister Narendra Modi for the so-called “Jayanthi bomb” that hit the Congress last week.

Addressing an election meeting, Gandhi seemed to argue that after he attacked the prime minister at a public meeting Natarajan came out in the open at Modi’s behest.” “Modi put up Jayanthi Natarajan to attack me, after I said a few things about him” he charged.

The four term Rajya Sabha member from Tamilnadu had gone public with her pent up feelings on being dropped from the union cabinet and then being sidelined by the party’s central leadership. She had also released a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi complaining about Rahul Gandhi’s interference in the working of the environment ministry..

Gandhi who usually sidesteps all questions about his working however did admit during the course of his speech that he had told  Jayanthi Natarajan to protect the environment and the tribals, He also asserted that he would always stand by the poor and the tribals.

Apart from Rahul’s charge against Modi, the Congress also came up with copious details of the amounts spent by a state PSU- Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation on managing the ‘public relations for the BJP.” Senior Gujarat leader Shaktisinh Gohil released documents obtained officially from the GSPC to show that lakhs of rupees had been spent in buying silk sarees, gift items, and wining and dining by the state PSU in the national capital.

‘The point is that all this happened under the watch of the then chief minister Narendra Modi, and funds have been sanctioned from a state PSU that has an aggregate debt of Rs.22,000 crores. It had a long term borrowing of Rs.5,000 crores in just one year, and yet its balance sheet shows a miscellaneous expenditure of Rs.503 crores,” charged Gohil while demanding that a CBI probe be ordered into the irregularities in this PSU.

An interesting detail revealed by Gohil was that the PSU had paid for the annual subscription of a private individual’s membership of the prestigious India International Centre in the national capital, and then this individual had incurred a lot of expenditure on wining and dining.” Now Gujarat isa dry state, with a ban on liquor, so how come this PSU is spending tax payer’s money under this head,” he charged.