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Congress believes in unifying the nation: Sonia


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This election will see a fight between two ideologies, one that has been propounded by Mahatma Gandhi, and one which believes in dividing the people…

Moradabad:  Congress president Sonia Gandhi highlighted on Monday the fact that it is the Congress which believes in unifying the nation, and accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of wanting to spread falsehood and hatred once it comes to power.

“Uttar Pradesh has always shown the path to our nation’s destiny and always believes in secular beliefs and has never divided society based on caste, religion, unlike the opposition parties,” Sonia said at her rally in Moradabad.

She added that this election will see a fight between two ideologies, one that has been propounded by Mahatma Gandhi, and one which believes in dividing the people, which should be defeated. She said that a strong government can only be provided by the Congress Party

The Congress president also raised the issue of the famous brass work which Moradabad is famous for, and said that since the Congress Ggovernment has gone from Uttar Pradesh, such industries have dried up.

She also talked about steps taken to ensure that Muslim women get  proper education. At the same time she talked about ensuring that unemployed youth get jobs which have been ensured in the manifesto. The Congress president also talked about increasing women police stations up to 2000.

Earlier, while speaking at a separate rally in Aonla, Gandhi remarked, “It is a place which has set an example for living in amity and harmony with each other.  I feel extremely unhappy over the fact that some people are trying to destroy our unity in diversity, and taking political mileage out of religion and faith. These people are only seeking to capture power at the same time playing divisive politics. Therefore, it is only you who can defeat their designs.”

“The state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh is in a bad shape,  as the Congress is out of power in this state. The state government has failed in all fronts, whether in providing proper education to the children or, in providing security to the women or, for that matter, creating infrastructure in health. There is no one to listen to the farmers’ demand,” Sonia said.

“There are people who are making false allegations and spreading canards about us, who themselves are involved in corruption. It is we who have ensured that the Right to Information Act helps all to get the right information.

We have ensured that women are protected, and hence, we have made laws in that aspect. We have ensured that there is food security so that one gets two meals a day. At the same time, we have passed the Land Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act to ensure that fair price are received for the lands they sell. We have enforced one rank-one pension for our brave armed forces. In all, these laws have ensured the empowerment of the common man,” Sonia added.

Sonia also stated of implementing most of the recommendations made by the Sachhar Committee and also new promises made in the Congress’ manifesto.

“We almost implemented all the recommendations made by the Sachhar Committee. We always believe taking along with us all the sections with us including the minority and backward sections of the society. We have ensured in our election manifesto that people get right to health and right to shelter for all, which are few of our promises,” Sonia said.

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