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Cong trying to polarise voters to hide failures: BJP


New Delhi: BJP today alleged that Congress leaders were trying to polarise voters as they are unable to answer questions on the government’s “failure” to address issues of poverty, inflation and corruption.

The party said that there is a clamour to fight the elections under BJP symbol which is in “contrast” to Congress where senior leaders are now being “forced” to fight the elections, reflecting that it was now on its way out.

Reacting to a question on comments by External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said that whether it was Khurshid or even Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, none of them were willing to answer questions regarding the “failure” of the current government.

“Salman Khurshid, Rahul Gandhi or any other leader in Congress party can give away statements but none of them are willing to answer questions which are posed by Narendra Modi or any other leader BJP regarding the failures of the current government in controlling corruption, the state of affairs in the economy whether it is inflation, lack of trust of investors and others,” she said.

“Because they (government) have failed the economy, failed on governance, they will only polarize the voters, do vote bank appeasement and get away thinking the people of India are going to be fooled. But the people are not going to be fooled,” she added

She claimed there is a “clamour to contest under the Lotus symbol in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Yesterday we said people are running away from contest in Congress, today people are being forced to contest even senior leaders. Who is forcing them? The captain of the ship Sonia Gandhi is giving an SoS call and calling top leadership saying please go fight.”
Sitharaman told reporters there is a mood in country to remove the Congress from power which is why people from various sections are joining the BJP.

Referring to media reports on RBI’s saying that it was discussing ways to tackle inflation, she said that the Congress was still in a discussion mode.

“Today’s reports as regards RBI saying that they are in discussion with the government as to how to tackle inflation clearly proves that the three top things which this government is going out of power are poverty, inflation and corruption. All surveys have shown that. On all three, the government has not take action. They are only talking,” Sitharaman said.