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Communal violence: BJP fires on all cylinders


New Delhi : As the debate on the issue of rising incidents of communal violence after the advent of the Modi Sarkar remained unfinished yesterday, the BJP on Thursday got on upperhand in the exchanges over statistics and claims and counter-claims about appeasement of minorities.

The debate itself had become a contentious issue earlier during the session as the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had stormed the well of the house to protest against the denial of opportunity for his party to colleagues to speak on the subject. However, when the debate began on Wednesday, the Congress made a feeble start through its less than eloquent leader Mallikarjun Kharge, and then it got a knock-out punch from the BJP’s opening speaker Yogi Adityanath.

Making a point that Hindus had been victimised during previous regimes, the Yogi even warned that if such injustices continue then the ‘Hindu Samaj'( RSS) reserves the right to respond in a befitting manner.” Though the Congress members and those from the Left did protests against his assertions, the Yogi was cheered and encouraged by the BJP members who were totally enthralled by his vitriolic oratory. He reached the climax by making a point that in 1947 the Congress had divided the country on Hindu-Muslim lines and now by raising concerns over the rise of communal violence incidents the Congressmen were behaving like agents of Pakistan.

After this episode yesterday, the focus was on the reply from the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, especially as the parties wanted to find out if the government also endorses the arguments put forth by the BJP members, notably Adityanath. But Singh being hospitalised last night, the government offered that the reply could from his deputy Kiran Rijju, but this was not acceptable to the Congress.