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Christians petition HM on police failure to nab vandals, seek court-monitored probe


Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: The Christian community in the national Capital, which is livid over the recent attacks on Churches, spilled into the streets on Thursday to stage a civil protest.

However, the protestors ran into a big police contingent outside the Sacred Heart cathedral in central Delhi, where they had converged. The activists were forcibly lifted off roads and hustled into police vans; those who resisted were jostled and pushed around. No one was spared, including priests and nuns. The action further infuriated the community, which essentially wanted to lead a silent procession to Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s residence.

Not only did the Christian protest add to the political din in the national Capital catching the administration napping, it was also deftly timed to embarrass the BJP government at the Centre over the failure of the police to protect their shrines. In no time, the Aam Aadmi Party announced that it was sending its activists across to join the protest.

With the police crackdown getting aired on national TV, the administration beat a tactical retreat and allowed a group of Christians to meet the Home Minister. The community complained to Rajnath Singh about the inaction of the police in the five recent cases of desecration of church premises. It was pointed out that the police was adamant that these were instances of robbery and pilferage rather than acts of miscreants wanting to create communal trouble. The community leadership explained that they see a clear design in the ‘scripted attacks’ and a court monitored probe should be instituted.

There have been five acts of vandalism  in Churches since December. In the latest incident earlier this week, the St Alphonsa’s Church in south Delhi was vandalised.