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Chidambaram supports critical views of Economist on Modi


Chennai: Union Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram on Sunday supported the critical views expressed by Economist which did not  back Narendra Modi as the next prime minister.

“I think the Economist is spot on. A man who is singularly unrepentant about what happened in 2002 has a deep character flaw. Infact, Advani rightly described Modi as a successful event manager. Whatever happened in Godhra and other parts in Gujarat in 2002 was an event managed and staged by the BJP and government of Gujarat ruled by Narendra Modi. I think there will be serious consequences if Modi with his stated position and character flaws becomes prime minister,” Chidambaram said.

“I think that Modi has not taken over the party, he has overtaken the party. Yesterday, he has the audacity to say that every vote is a vote for me and he has said that nothing can stop him from becoming as the prime minister. BJP is now a shadow of the party being taken over by an individual and his coterie and it will pay a heavy price as one individual has taken over the party and hence it is not able to even bring out its election manifesto,” Chidambaram added.

In the article, titled “India Deserves Better than Modi”, The Economist expresses its reservations about Modi to the 2002 riots in Gujarat, the state he has ruled since 2001. It also disputes the clean chit given to him by the Supreme Court in respect to 2002 riots claiming that the inquiry was inconclusive and said  that incase the BJP wins then its allies should stop Modi from holding the country’s top job. The magazine was quick to add at the same time that it would be happy if Modi proves them wrong by governing in a modern, honest and fair way, but  added that as of now he should be judged as on record of being associated with riots and hence India deserves better.”