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Car rally organised in Mumbai for visually impaired people


Mumbai: As many as ninety eight visually impaired people participated in a blind car rally organised in Mumbai on Sunday.

The cars covered a distance of 45 km over approximately two hours across the lanes of Central and South Mumbai with a blind navigator assigned to the drivers. The navigators guided the drivers through the entire route with the help of instructions given to them in Braille.

The car rally, which was organised by the Round Table India and Ladies Circle India groups, drew good response from the participants. The rally was flagged off by Amruta Phadnavis, the wife of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis.

“This is a very good rally for creating awareness and such rallies should reach more places and villages. And the people should understand the abilities of visually impaired people and the point of view can be changed towards the blind people,” said Naznin Sheikh, a visually impaired participant.

The participants enjoyed the rally as it motivated them to exhibit their abilities and skills. “This is a big motivation for a visually impaired person, who spends an entire day with a normal person and a normal person also gets to know the everyday problems faced by the visually challenged people. So, this is the main objective of our rally. And whatever funds we gather from the rally, we construct schools for the slum and tribal children,” said Viral Kedia, the event organiser. The rally aimed at motivating and inspiring the visually impaired people.