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Bring Ordinance to hold Kambala, Yeddy tells Govt



Bengaluru: With growing clamour for allowing the traditional buffalo race Kambala, Karnataka BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa on Wednesday asked the Siddaramaiah government to bring in an Ordinance to facilitate holding of the event, saying the people are “emotionally” attached to it.

“Kambala is a must and should be held. The government should bring an ordinance on it and pave the way to hold the traditional sport in the coastal region,” Yeddyurappa, a former Chief Minister, told reporters here.          Facing growing demand for holding Kambala after the success of the Jallikattu stir in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had said on Tuesday that an ordinance could be brought in, if necessary, to allow the event after seeking legal opinion.

Siddaramaiah had also asked the Centre to take a favourable stand on Kambala as it did on Jallikattu, where both Tamil Nadu and central governments, facing public pressure, moved swiftly to facilitate the bull taming sport.–PTI