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BJP will not ban beef in Tripura, says Sunil V Deodhar


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Mumbai: There will be no beef ban in the state of Tripura, under the Bharatiya Janta Party’s new government, affirmed Sunil V Deodhar on Tuesday, at the Mumbai Press Club in a media interaction. Deodhar a former pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sanghatana (RSS) who is considered the main brain behind the BJP win in Tripura elections recently.

Deodhar however did not want to attribute no-beef ban to the majority who reside in Tripura and for whom beef is a staple diet. “There will be no beef ban in the state as we live in a democratic country and we cannot impose anything without the will of the public,” said Deodhar.

“The people in the North East eat beef and don’t want it banned. Apart from the Muslims and Christians in the area, the Hindus who are a majority also consume beef and hence beef cannot be banned. As the sentiments of the people are important,” said Deodhar.

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Speaking of the culture of constructing idols in the middle of the road or open spaces. Deodhar said there is a difference between statues and idols. He asserted the statue of Shivaji Maharaj has to be constructed. “The statue of Shivaji Maharaj which is underway can become a talking point, which will help Maharashtra in the long run. Where as, the idols in our country are built at every corner of the road. These may initially bring excitement, but later can be disrespecting,” stated Deodhar.

Deodhar went on to launch severe criticism against the the Communist Party of India, Marxist (CPIM) for not helping Tripura to grow to its capability, despite ruling for 25 years. “The communist party never allowed industries to flourish in the state. They failed to utilise the resources of the state to its potential,” said Deodhar.

Meanwhile, Deodhar slammed the mainstream media for ignoring the killing of journalists in Tripura. He criticised the media for only focusing on Gauri Lankesh’s murder and not highlighting that of Sudeep Datta Bhowmik and Santanu Bhowmik.