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BJP terms new Janata party an alliance of ‘political warlords’


Kolkata: As the six Janata Parivar parties merged today to become a single party, the BJP said it was a temporary alliance of “political warlords” which would have no impact on Bihar Assembly polls due later this year. BJP national spokesperson M J Akbar said the electorate were tired of the theatrics of Bihar Chief Minister and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar.

“It is a temporary alliance of political warlords, who think elections are determined not on the basis of governance, but on the basis of barren (electoral) mathematics. As Amit Shahji has said zero plus zero equals to zero,” Akbar told PTI here. Largely seen as a reaction to the electoral rout in the last Lok Sabha polls in UP and Bihar, six Janata Parivar parties, including the JD(U), Samajawadi Party and RJD, today decided to merge with Mulayam Singh Yadav at the head.

Asked whether the merger of Janata Parivar would have any impact on the Bihar Assembly polls, Akbar said, “The people of Bihar want good governance, the people of Bihar want development. The people of Bihar are tired of theatrics of Nitish Kumar.”

Akbar pointed out that people of Bihar want stability and development and Nitish Kumar destroyed it and said “the moment Nitish Kumar destroyed stability, he destroyed governance.”

Talking about Mulayam Singh Yadav heading the new party, Akbar said, “In Uttar Pradesh, it will hurt Mulayam Singh as he will lose his symbol, his party name, the brand he has built up. After all why did the Janata Dal break up? Because ego was more important than governance. We are now back to the politics of egomania.”