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BJP invokes Ambedkar to prove point


NEW DELHI : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday invoked Constitution framer Dr. B R Ambedkar on the Constitution Day to assert Prime Minister Modi was making his dream come true as ”Babasaheb” was the first to propose that the currency should be revised every 10 years to cleanse the economy.

Its Scheduled Caste Morcha chief Dushyant Kumar Gautam said Babasaheb was not only the Dalits’ leader but a national visionary whose vision is reflected in his writing. As an accomplished economist, he had written way back in 1923 in his book “Problem of the Indian Rupee” that the Indian currency should be changed and replaced every 10 years to tackle hoarding, black money, and even inflation, he underlined.  He said the party would go to the Dalits in Uttar Pradesh having the Assembly elections in another three months to tell them how the opposition parties are opposed to this very idea of Babasaheb by campaigning against the demonetisation. “We are going among the Dalit in UP during our four Parivartan Yatras started from different corners of the state to them about this fact and educate them that the demonetisation is going to benefit most of them.” Gautam said Dr. Ambedkar proposed a change of currency as the solution to the problem of hoarding and black money during his research at the London School of Economics

He said the BJP is also highlighting that the Modi government has been proactive since it came to power in giving Ambedkar the pride of place that was denied to him by the Congress regimes since Independence by relegating him to the background of own leaders.  “One can see the step-motherly behavior of the Congress towards Babasaheb. It was the NDA that awarded him the Bharat Ratna, not the Congress governments. It was during the Congress regimes that you will run into museums in the name of Gandhis and Nehrus but not a single museum in the name of Babasaheb” Gautam said.

Babasaheb never visualised the kind of shock treatment Modi has given to the downtrodden and Dalits as if they were hoarding the black money, the BSP leader said. A 2-page leaflet being distributed by the BJP in the Dalit localities in Uttar Pradesh depicts various pro-Dalit measures undertaken by the Centre. It highlights how Modi has Modi turned five places related to Ambedkar an exalted stature of “Rirth” (pilgrimage) by revamping them for every Dalit to visit.