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BJP get re-elected because they change peoples’ lives: Modi



Ratlam ( MP): Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday claimed that BJP state governments have always been re-elected as they have always ushered in change in the lives of people.

“What is the reason that the people of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and Chhattisgarh give a repeated mandate to the Bharatiya Janata Party? People in the country are sanguine that it is the BJP which can only bring change in the lives of the people. If Madhya Pradesh would have remained with those people who do Bhantadhar (spoilsport), then the state could not have improved upon in its standard,” Modi said at a rally in Ratlam.

“I have a request to the people of Madhya Pradesh to forever do away with the Congress from this state. It is the Congress which has ruled the country all along since independence, while the BJP was nowhere to be seen. Rajiv Gandhi had once famously rued that for every rupee sent across for development channelises into fifteen paise at the end when it reaches the hands of the people. The country wants to know about that panja who has snatched such treasures. You must give us a chance to serve you. I want to promise that I will not allow any panja to put their hands on Delhi’s treasures. Hence, you must not elect a single panja from the state to the centre,” Modi added.

Modi also praised the efforts of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

“Had he not been at the helm of affairs, then the state would not have been taken out from its Bimaru condition for which it was famously tagged earlier. If one Shivraj Singh can bring out Madhya Pradesh out of Bimaru tag, then, it goes to show that if you all elect the BJP at the centre, we can improve the state of the country at large,” Modi remarked.

Modi also had a word for the country’s youth, saying it is they who have a huge duty to ensure that a strong government is in place at the centre in order to fulfill their dreams.

“The age group of 18-28 is most crucial of anyone, and that if a single day is wasted in that age, then your dream goes haywire. Not a single moment should be wasted in that period, as that is the age which determines what will come in the future. It is the duty of the youth of this age group to see that a strong and efficient government assumes charge at the centre. Therefore, in order to accomplish your dreams, you must give us not less than 300 seats at the Centre to build a strong nation, and therefore, the age group of 18-28 must make up its mind to elect a strong government,” Modi said